Redwood Coast Energy Authority plays key role in bringing offshore wind to Redwood coast

“In April 2018, the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA), created a consortium of potential partners for their offshore wind project. In September, RCEA sent in a proposal to the Bureau of Ocean Management to lease ocean waters for wind turbines. Currently there are no operational offshore wind projects in the state, but offshore wind prospects are increasing throughout the coast, particularly along the Redwood Coast, San Luis Obispo, and Morro Bay. According to a press release by RCEA, they expect to build about 10 to 15 turbines at a site chosen to “avoid or minimize impacts on marine navigation corridors, major commercial fishing areas, and environmental resources.” This project is projected to cost about $500 million and can potentially start construction in 2023 with 120 MW of power being delivered to homes in 2024 according to an article by the New York Times.”

Click here to read more from Clean Power Exchange.


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