Redwood Coast Energy Watch – 4.1.2. Customized EAP/CAP

Partnership Name:
Redwood Coast Energy Watch

Project Name:
Updated 2013 GHG Inventories

Project Scope:
New Phase of Past Project (specify in Description)

Budget Allocation:

Lessons Learned:
We had thought that assigning an activity like this to CivicSpark fellows under the oversight of a staff member would work but it did not. Incremental increases in program reporting and administration of the last six months has consumed staff availability and has created a situation where it was deemed not reasonable to expect a fellow to be able to produce a high quality deliverable with the inimical amount of supervision that was available for the activity. Moving into the future, and as noted before, this task will be assigned to a professional staff member to address this lesson learned. In addition, RCEA encourages PG&E and the CPUC to better understand that the pursuit of perfect data/reporting comes with HUGE costs to those tasked with getting work done.

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