Renewable Energy Aggregated Procurement


Created in 2014, School Project for Utility Rate’s (SPURR) Renewable Energy Aggregated Procurement (REAP) Program is an innovative aggregated solar buying program that leverages the collective purchasing power of SPURR’s very large membership to secure pre-negotiated “piggybackable” solar project pricing and terms for California public agencies. The goals of the REAP Program are as follows:

  • Streamline the solar buying process for California public agencies.
  • Drive down solar project pricing for California public agencies.
  • Improve solar project terms and conditions for California public agencies.

Any public agency in California can participate in SPURR’s REAP Program. To date, 16 California public agencies have utilized the REAP Program to contract over 40 MW-DC of solar projects. The REAP Program just recently issued a new RFP for solar and solar + storage (link to RFP) and they hope to have piggybackable pricing and terms in place with a new vendor by September/October of this year.

Click here to learn more about SPURR and the REAP program


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