Renewable energy potential in Humboldt includes offshore wind

“Residents of Humboldt County have a long-standing commitment to environmental sustainability—including sustainable energy. In spite of our often foggy weather, Humboldt County has one of the highest per-capita number of photovoltaic (PV) systems in California. This past May, the Humboldt County government, through the Redwood Coast Energy Authority (RCEA), took over control of the electricity supply for more than 90 percent of the homes and businesses in Humboldt County from PG&E through RCEA’s Community Choice Energy (CCE) program—providing a higher percentage of renewable content than that offered by PG&E. The sources of renewable electricity are primarily from wind and solar electricity generated outside our area, a lesser amount generated from biomass (sourced from wood waste from the timber industry), and a very small amount from local solar PV.

Humboldt’s most promising sites for offshore wind development are approximately 15 to 20 miles offshore in deep water, so the turbines would be mounted on floating platforms. Onshore wind energy potential in Humboldt is significantly smaller than offshore and more variable, but is also substantial.”

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