Best Practices

Staying informed on best practices is a great way to ensure you are efficiently building upon the experiences of others, across California’s local governments and beyond, and avoiding having to reinvent the wheel.

The Coordinator provides a variety of resources – including wEEkly updatesBest Practice Case Studies, and Publications that different entities create to help your local government agency stay up to date on the latest best practices, news and resources.

Best Practices Posts and Local Governments in Action

Don’t miss the best practices identified in the EE News and Updates posts: click here or use the Tag Cloud to the lower-right to see program updates, project updates, and more featuring best practices. The Tag Cloud’s “Local Governments in Action” will bring you to a list of activities of other California local governments, as they implement policies and programs that support energy efficiency and sustainability in their communities.

Do you know of a program being implemented by your local government not yet featured under Local Governments in Action? Contact the Coordinator at or alert us through our survey form.

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