RFP: Long Beach Seeks Consultant for Climate Action & Adaptation Plan (Due 7/28/16)


The City of Long Beach (City) is home to approximately 460,000 people and is considered one of most ethnically diverse communities in the United States.  Long Beach is a beautiful City, proud of its rich heritage and culture.  Located in an ideal setting on the Pacific Ocean, between the mouths of two major rivers, Long Beach has a lively downtown, dynamic waterfront and port facilities, diverse recreational spaces, robust employment centers, innovative industrial areas, energetic educational facilities, long-established neighborhoods, and active commercial corridors.  The Department of Development Services (Department) desires to engage the services of a qualified consultant team (Consultant) to prepare a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (Plan).  The City is greatly concerned with the impacts of climate change and strives to be a sustainable and resilient city.  The City wishes to be equipped to deal with the challenges of a changing future and to continue to be on the forefront of sustainability planning.An ideal outcome of the Plan process will be a roadmap forward that functions as more than a required regulatory document; it will be a document that can easily be implemented and lead to measurable, positive results.  In order to achieve this outcome, the Plan must meet the highest technical standards while reflecting the input of stakeholders across the City.  Rather than focusing exclusively on obligation or costs, the Plan should identify opportunities for economic and social gain through proposed mitigations and adaptations.  Many of the stakeholders most vulnerable to the consequences of climate change are also those least likely to participate in traditional civic outreach and input programs.  The City of Long Beach includes environmental justice communities, ingrained poverty, large populations with a combined lack of English proficiency and lack of trust in government, as well as other stakeholder groups.  An effective outreach component of the Plan will reach and build consensus with stakeholders ranging City’s major employers and civic leaders to the environmental justice community and limited English speakers.

The Bid Due Date is 7/28/16 at 11am. Visit https://www.planetbids.com/portal/portal.cfm?CompanyID=15810 for more information.

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