San Diego Adopts Climate Action Plan


The City of San Diego adopted its new climate action plan last month. San Diego lists five bold strategies to reduce GHG emissions and achieve its 2020 and 2035 targets:

  1. Energy and Water Efficient Buildings
  2. Clean and Renewable Energy
  3. Biking, Walking, Transit and Land Use
  4. Zero Waste (Gas and Waste Management)
  5. Climate Resiliency

San Diego has developed a new role of Sustainability Program Manager to oversee the implementation of the Climate Action Plan and work across City Departments, representatives, and communities.

San Diego has phased its planned activities under each of the five bold strategies, and identified a number of near-term activities, including:

  • Developing a residential Energy Conservation and Disclosure Ordinance;
  • Developing a Municipal Energy Strategy and Implementation Plan;
  • Supporting water rate structures that provide pricing signals that encourage water conservation and reuse, developing a Water Conservation and Disclosure Ordinance, as well as an ordinance requiring weather-based irrigation controls;
  • Developing a Community Choice Aggregation program, or other program that increases the City’s renewable energy;
  • Increasing the number of municipal zero-emission vehicles;
  • Improving pedestrian and transit options
  • and more. Read more: the full plan is available here, on San Diego’s website.
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