San Diego County’s Strategic Energy Plan 2015-2020


The County of San Diego has two distinct components related to energy and sustainability:

  • County Operations Energy Strategy: The main objectives are to ensure sustainability practices are assimilated into the organization and to minimize utility (water and energy) consumption/costs. Operations specifically applies to County-owned facilities, leased facilities, and County-owned vehicles.
  • County Community Energy Strategy: The main objectives are to encourage residents through outreach and education to reduce energy and water consumption, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions for healthier and more sustainable
    communities. Community specifically applies to regional program development and management with specific emphasis on the unincorporated area where the County has land use jurisdiction and for coordination with federal, state and local entities.

Both of these strategies are covered in the County’s new Strategic Energy Plan for 2015-2020, available on the County’s website here.

The 2015-2020 Strategic Energy Plan is an update from the County’s past 2013-2015 Strategic Energy Plan. To see a Progress Report on that Plan, click here.

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