San Francisco Energy Watch – 1.1.1. Reach Codes

Partnership Name:
San Francisco Energy Watch

Project Name:
Investigating and Improving the Distribution of Energy Performance Outcomes from the ECBO

Project Scope:
New Project

Budget Allocation:

Lessons Learned:
In-depth analysis of the buildings with decreased energy usage suggests that buildings may have
implemented energy saving measures since reporting their last EUI.
• 107 buildings have shown an increase in energy usage
• 54 buildings show a modest (0-10%) increase in energy usage
• 3 buildings had anomalous (>1000%) increases in energy usage from the most recent 12-month
history to the previous 12-month history
o It was determined that one building’s energy usage was based on an electric account
serving a fire pump
o The other two buildings had substantial increases in occupancy (i.e. tenants moving into
previously unoccupied buildings)
• Reasons for increased EUI:
o Building vacancy rates decreased (occupancy changes)
o Higher baseline load
o Increased operating hours due to weekend/weekday schedule changes

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