San Jose’s Green Vision Progress, 2014


San Jose’s progress on its Green Vision goals are up. Metrics are tracked on each of the following ten goals of the plan:

Goal 1: Create 25,000 Clean Tech Jobs as the World Center of Clean Innovation
Goal 2: Reduce Per Capita Energy Use by 50%
Goal 3: Receive 100% of Our Electrical Power from Clean, Renewable Sources
Goal 4: Build or Retrofit 50 Million Square Feet of Green Buildings
Goal 5: Divert 100% of waste from Landfill and Convert Waste to Energy
Goal 6: Recycle or Beneficially Reuse 100% of our Wastewater
Goal 7: Adopt a General Plan with Measurable Standards for Sustainable Development
Goal 8: Ensure that 100 Percent of public Fleet Vehicles Run on Alternative Fuels
Goal 9: Plant 100,000 New Trees and Replace 100 Percent of Our Streetlights with Smart, Zero Emission Lighting
Goal 10: Create 100 Miles of Trails connecting with 400 miles of on-street bikeways

San Jose’s Green Vision plan was adopted in 2007. To review San Jose’s progress, visit San Jose’s Green Vision website or review its 2014 Annual Report.

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