San Luis Obispo Energy Watch Partnership – 4.1.4. Community-Wide EE Savings Analysis

Partnership Name:
San Luis Obispo Energy Watch Partnership

Project Name:
Climate Program: CAP Implementation, Monitoring, & Reporting

Project Scope:
2013-2015 Continuation

Budget Allocation:

Lessons Learned:
Monitoring annual changes to the energy emissions inventory, as well as monitoring measure effectiveness in the energy sector has been made impossible as the result of the new privacy rules. Large changes in energy use as the result of different report method obfuscates beyond recognition any changes that may have occurred in the real world. This may have been remedied by retroactively applying privacy rules to previous years.

Stakeholder outreach appears to be one of the best uses of time. Relationships that have been made in on-on-one meetings are already resulting in potential measure implementation work with incorporated cities, as well as with organizations in the private and non-profit communities.

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