Santa Ana’s New Climate Action Plan Highlights Energy Savings from Utility, City, and Community Coordination


In Santa Ana’s new Climate Action Plan (CAP), the City highlights significant savings from collaboration with Southern California Edison (SCE) and Southern California Gas (SCG) to engage the community for energy savings. A summary from the Plan is shared below. To read the CAP in full, visit Santa Ana’s website.

Many building efficiency measures have been brought about through a successful partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE) business and residential programs. The actions that have been employed are diverse depending on the specifi c program, but because these have been carried out through the utility partnership, reliable estimates of energy savings are available. The total reduction resulting from these programs is estimated at 7,517 MTCO2e/ year. Table 1.1 contains a summary of these actions along with the associated emissions reduction for each.


In addition to the retrofits from SCE programs, natural gas retrofits were accomplished through similar programs from the Southern California Gas Company (SCG). Those programs are reducing an estimated 8,362 MTCO2e/year and are summarized in Table 1.2.


Weatherization is another program that has reduced emissions from residential energy use. The Weatherization program delivered through the Community Action Partnership and funded through Federal grants reached 3,291 low-income households with weatherization assistance since 2008. Actions taken in homes can include combinations of a number of energy savings measures, such as sealing air ducts, insulating, glazing windows, and tuning up or replacing air conditioning and heating equipment. The combined electricity and natural gas savings from this program result in an estimated emissions reduction of 1,553 MTCO2e/year.

Finally, new solar energy installations on homes and businesses are also reducing emissions. According to the Go-Solar California website, 11.9 MW of solar capacity has been installed in Santa Ana since 2008. These installations are estimated to produce an emissions reduction of 5,751 MTCO2e/year. Read more of the Santa Ana CAP here.

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