Santa Monica’s New Green Pico Branch Library


Learn how Santa Monica developed its energy- and water-efficient new construction LEED Platinum Pico Branch Library. Details on energy and water use at the site are below. For more information on the building see the City’s website.

Water Efficiency

  • Smart landscaping reduces potable water use by 59% by using drought tolerant, native or adapted planning, water efficient drip irrigation, and weather-based irrigation controllers.
  • Water use reduction through high efficiency plumbing fixtures reduce indoor potable water use by 69%.
  • The Pico Branch Library is Santa Monica’s first municipal building to implement Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting for Indoor Use pdf

Energy Use

  • Like all newly constructed City buildings, the Pico Branch is powered by 100% renewable energy, purchased under contract.
  • Trellises and awnings shade the building interior. Trellis-mounted photovoltaic panels generate on-site electric power.
  • The light-colored and reflective roof keeps the building cool. Light-colored paving and concrete reduces “heat islands,” which contribute to higher summer temperatures and smog.
  • Energy reduction achieved through use of high efficiency LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures.
  • Six Electric Vehicle charging stations are available at Virginia Avenue Park. (Read more on the City of Santa Monica’s website)
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