Scientists create ‘artificial photosynthesis’ to generate clean energy


“Solar panels are fine and all (they’re certainly a lot better than they were a few decades ago) but this form of solar energy collection and storage is inherently flawed. Despite their growing popularity, solar panels are nowhere near as efficient as, say, living plants at turning sunlight into power. For one thing, solar panels are utterly useless when in low light situations, and it’s tricky finding ways to adequately store energy from solar cells without too much electricity seeping away over time.

Thus, teams like the one headed by Boston College professor Dunwei Wang are rushing to be the first to find a form of artificial photosynthesis that matches up to the organic alternative. Wang’s team now believe that they’ve cracked the formula, thanks to a special catalyst that – in theory at least – should allow their version of photosynthesis a lot more stability.”

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