Sea level rise could put some SDG&E substations at risk

“Looking at scenarios ranging from sea level rise of between 1.6 feet and 6.6 feet, the report found that “thousands” of electric substations, transformers, power lines and other equipment could be exposed to damage.

In addition, 100-year coastal wave flooding by the middle of the century could put four substations in Mission Bay and San Diego Bay at risk. Sixteen substations could be exposed by the year 2100, the report said.

Substations are critical elements of the electric grid and should they be knocked offline temporarily, thousands of customers could lose power. Substations not only serve the electricity needs of homeowners but customers providing critical services, such as hospitals and airports.

Damage to other assets such as power lines and transformers are more likely to lead to higher costs for maintenance and repair rather than widespread service disruptions, the report said.”

Click here to read more from San Diego Tribune.


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