SEEC Recorded Webinar: Developing Sustainable Energy Programs and Funding


Local governments face continually shrinking budgets making it increasingly difficult to find a sustainable funding source for local government energy programs. This webinar will use three on-the-ground examples and case studies to showcase how local governments can develop sustainable energy programs.

This webinar highlights the work that Alameda County has undertaken to save energy and money for municipal facilities. Since the mid-1990’s, Alameda County’s Energy Program has been able to continually implement energy efficiency and renewable energy projects in County facilities through the help of a designated energy fund and a departmental utility bill surcharge. This webinar also highlights the revolving fund used in the City and County of San Francisco to pay vendors performing direction installation work. This webinar concludes with a presentation from the City of Santa Monica regarding their long-term energy efficiency efforts and how they have been able to keep their program sustainable, including their current efforts to create a Revolving Energy Fund.


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