SEEC Webinar: Creating a Carbon Fund – June 21


Municipalities and other organizations often have difficulty funding climate action efforts to meet goals and comply with regulation. A consistent and sustainable funding mechanism is required. EcoShift Consulting, LLC has experience with a number of different carbon funds model development and implementation. The webinar will focus on

  1. Different revenue models and which might suit their municipality or organization
  2. Details on how to set up a Carbon Fund including the steps to do so and typical challenges to implementation.
  3. Details on operational experience, successes, and challenges of various approaches from funds designed and/or implemented within the past 3 years.
Featured Speaker
Tiffany Wise-West is a licensed professional civil engineer and LEED associate professional experienced in green municipal infrastructure project design and management. Dr. Wise-West complements her technical skill set with policy, regulatory, and economic expertise in the areas of climate and energy, sustainability, energy efficiency, renewable energy, microgrid systems, and sustainable transportation. She specializes in developing and managing public-private-academic partnerships aimed at advancing green infrastructure, policy and programming.

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