Solar for Apartments Santa Monica Event 5/25


If you are a local government in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area, you may want to point multi-family building leads in your communities to CSE and Santa Monica’s “Solar for Apartments” event May 25th to learn how to benefit from SCE’s Virtual Net Metering (“NEM-V”) tariff: see below for more information.

The Center for Sustainable Energy, in partnership with CALSEIA and the City of Santa Monica’s Solar Santa Monica program, presents “Solar for Apartments”. As a part of the Department of Energy SunShot Initiative’s Solar Market Pathways program, this workshop is aimed at educating multifamily property owners and operators about the opportunity to go solar by utilizing the Virtual Net Metering (“NEM-V”) tariff to provide solar access to tenants and reduce energy costs.

NEM-V is a utility arrangement offered by Southern California Edison, that allows for a market-rate multi-metered, multi-tenant property to install a single solar electric system which offsets both tenant and common load utility accounts with direct, on-bill savings.

In this workshop, we will disucss the steps involved in going solar with NEM-V, site considerations, available financing products, technical assistance resources, and more. We will also host our “Friends of NEM-V” contractor group in the courtyard from 4pm-8pm for a meet-n-greet session. Use this time to pose additional questions, discuss project proposals, set up a site visit, or simply gather contact information.

Refreshments will be provided.

*Please note: This session will specifically be focused on solar for market-rate apartment buildings. The affordable housing sector can also utilize the Virtual Net Metering tariff (“VNM”). Rent-controlled buildings may have different opportunities to go solar. Feel free to contact us directly for more information.

*We will hold a “Solar for Condos” workshop from 6pm-7pm. Please visit to register for that session.

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