“Stage 2” Commercial Sector Subcommittee meeting to review Utility, REN, and other Program Administrator business plans this Friday 4/15


See the information shared by the CA Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (CAEECC) below:

This Friday, April 15, the Commercial Sector Subcommittee is holding its first Stage 2 meeting. We hope that you will participate! The draft agenda is now posted on the CAEECC website. See below for more information on the staged process developed by the CC.

PA presentation materials for the 4/15 meeting will be posted in two places on the website: on the 4/15 Commercial Sector Subcommittee Meeting page and on the Commercial Sector Subcommittee Stage 2 Presentations page. During the meeting, PAs are keeping their presentations relatively short in order to allow time for substantive back and forth discussion with participating stakeholders. Please be sure to preview the presentation materials prior to the meeting so that you are prepared to engage in fruitful discussions.

Meeting Locations – The meeting will have two (2) in-person venues (Pacific Energy Center in San Francisco and SoCalGas Energy Resources Center in Downey), as well as a webinar/teleconference option. Meeting venue location, Webinar and call-in information are included on the draft agenda.

Please pre-register for the event via the links provided below for either of the two meeting locations. There is no charge but we are asking you to register to help us best accommodate participants.

There will be a no-host lunch break in the middle of the day. Numerous food options are available close to the meeting venues.

We will be trying a video connection between the two venues in addition to the webcast as we work to enhance the remote meeting experience in accordance with guidance from the CPUC. Please bear with us as we experiment with these enhancements.

More information about the California Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee can be found on the CAEECC website.

If you have questions about this meeting or the Commercial Sector Subcommittee, please contact one of us.

Feel free to forward this message others who may be interested.


Harry Charalambides and Alex Porteshawver

CAEECC Commercial Sector Subcommittee Co-Chairs


A Note About The Staged Process
The development of PA Business Plans has been structured into four stages for the purposes of ensuring stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input and influence PA plans early in the development process.
In the Stage 1 meeting held on February 22, Program Administrators shared their market assessments and gap analyses (PA presentations can be found on the CAEECC website here).
The objective of the Stage 2 meeting is to provide a forum for stakeholder questions and input in response to presentations from PAs in which they:
  1. Define problem statements
  2. Identify key observations and evaluation and other studies that relate to the problem statements
  3. Propose high level strategies/solutions to address challenges, and
  4. Identify metrics for measuring the performance of these strategies
Drafts of the more complete Business Plan chapters will not become available until Stage 3 of the process later in May.

The commercial sector subcommittee meetings are a great opportunity for local governments tuned in to the needs of their businesses to provide feedback on planned utility offerings. For more background on the Coordinating Committee, and why this process is happening this year, visit caeecc.org or check out the post, Public Sector Sub-Committee 3/16 Meeting Basics: What It Is, Why It’s Happening and Why It’s a Significant Opportunity for Local Government Feedback on Utility/PA Offerings.

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