Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan

California’s 500+ local governments play a pivotal role in furthering energy efficiency throughout the state. Opportunities, goals, and strategies for local governments have been identified in the local government chapter of California’s Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.

History of the Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan

In 2008, the Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan was developed through a collaborative process involving the four investor-owned utilities regulated by the CPUC, and 500+ individuals and organizations, and months of public workshops, review and comment.

Per the CPUC: “Two major themes emerged from the public input. One was the importance of laying out action strategies that extended beyond utility programs to include initiatives needed from business, the California Energy Commission (CEC), local governments and others. The second was the need for the Commission to take a public leadership position in championing this broad perspective both in a planning document and its subsequent implementation.” (read more in Decision 09-09-047.)

On September 18, 2008, the CPUC adopted the Strategic Plan in D.08-09-040.

The Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan was last updated in 2011. A full copy of the Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan can be found on the CEC’s website.

Work to Update the Strategic Plan’s Local Governments Chapter

Click here to learn more about stakeholder engagement and drafts developed to plan for updates to the 2011 Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.

Resources for Local Government Action on the EE Strategic Plan

Click here to learn more about resources for local governments as they plan policies or programs that work toward the goals of the Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan.

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