First Draft: Revised Local Government Chapter of the CA Long-term EE Strategic Plan

Here you will find the first draft of the revised Local Government Chapter of the California Long-term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan. This is just the first draft that you may use as you prepare for the workshops/webcasts the week of September 23rd. There will be a second draft of the chapter that captures comments from the workshops. You will be asked to make your edits (in track change mode) to the second draft.

While the entire chapter is still a draft (nothing has been decided yet), you will notice certain passages highlighted in yellow, in particular, the goals’ outcomes. One goal for this update to the Strategic Plan is to attach energy savings outcomes to all of the chapters’ goals. The Coordinator is working with the CPUC and a consultant to identify reasonable, defendable energy savings outcomes. If you have ideas for such outcomes, please share them at the workshops or when you comment on the second draft.

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