Second Draft: Revised Local Government Chapter of CA EE Strategic Plan

Here is the second draft of the revised Local Government Chapter of the revised Local Government Chapter of the California Long-term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan. This revision incorporates comments from the September workshops in San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the webcast in Fresno, Palm Desert, San Diego and Santa Barbara.

If you are interested in providing written comments on the chapter, please download it now and provide your suggestions in ‘track changes’ mode. Be specific, write in the language you would like to see included. Don’t say something like “include language about …” That won’t be helpful.

Email your suggestions to, and be sure to include your name and contact information. Submissions that do not include this information will not be considered.

The cut off date to provide written comments on this draft was November 1, 2013.

Energy Targets Work Plan

Here is the Energy Targets work plan for developing the energy savings targets for the goals identified in this chapter (highlighted in yellow in the document). That process will take place over the next three months and include opportunities to comment on each step of the process as it unfolds.

If you want to participate in the energy savings target process and have not received announcements about this chapter update in the past, please email and state your interest. Anyone who has already received announcements or has participated in meetings and workshops will be notified automatically.

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