Survey on Energy and Building Stock Data Uses and Needs

What is this survey about?
The survey aims to gather information on the data needs, frequency of use and access to energy and building stock data among different organization types, and their views on how data is used to support the low carbon transition of the built environment.

The survey questions encompass both respondents who require energy and buildings data for buildings managed by their own organizations, and those accessing data to design buildings, policies and programs to improve the energy performance of buildings managed by others.

What will we do with your survey response?
All responses are anonymous and will be collected and analyzed to produce a report on how, what and why organizations and people use and need data on energy in building stocks across the globe.

How will this benefit you?
We will prepare and share a report on the survey findings to inform you and colleagues on the state of use and access to energy and building stock data in our country.

Also, all Annex 70 outputs, which will include an open-access data platform of energy and building stock data and models from around the world, will all be open and freely available to you and your colleagues.

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