How California Green has and has not worked

“California is now the greenest nation state in the world. But, 10 years down that road, we’ve encountered some unforeseen environmental impacts, twists and turns. hen new homes cost more to build, older energy-guzzling, deferred-maintenance fixer-uppers gain market value apace. The poor can’t afford housing and new underwater homeowners can’t afford to invest in energy…

Energy Efficiency in Affordable Housing: A Guide to Developing and Implementing Greenhouse Gas Reduction Programs

This guide provides information for local government staff and policy makers on: -The multiple benefits of energy efficiency -Step-by-step approaches to energy efficiency in new, existing, and green affordable housing -Key stakeholders to engage -Policy mechanisms for supporting energy efficiency -Implementation strategies for success -Investment and Financing opportunities Key features include: -Case studies and examples…

California is powering toward its climate change and clean energy goals

“California has become the face of the resistance to President Trump’s dismantling of climate change policies — and in many ways that reputation is earned. The Golden State gets nearly half its electricity from climate-friendly sources, including solar, wind, hydro and nuclear. Carbon emissions keep inching downward, putting the state on track to reduce planet-warming…

California renters could soon get rooftop solar

“Over the next decade, roughly 150,000 low-income renters in California will see their apartment buildings outfitted with solar panels — and their electricity bills drop. Regulations approved this week cleared the way for the state to spend $1 billion over 10 years — using proceeds from the state’s landmark climate-change program — on incentives for…

Lawmakers Approve Last-Minute Deal to Direct Cap-and-Trade Funding to Low/Zero-Emission Vehicles, Green Spaces, Affordable Housing and More

In the closing hours of the legislative year, lawmakers approved a last-minute deal Wednesday to free up hundreds of millions of dollars from the state’s cap-and-trade program to fund green projects across the state. Under the agreement, (more…)

From Greentech Media: Energy-Efficient Homes Are Worth More. So Let’s Create an Easy Metric for Buyers

We’ve seen a lot of recent studies on how energy efficient homes are worth more; but, communicating this value has been a challenge, making the market slow to respond and leaving dollars and energy efficiency opportunities on the table in our communities. (This (more…)

New Policy Paper Proposes Cutting Poverty through Energy Efficiency, Household Expenses

Addressing income inequality and affordability is a central and growing issue for many local governments. A new policy paper, the “Urban Opportunity Agenda,” from the Center for Neighborhood Technology proposes that poverty can be cut through simply cutting core household expenses – including energy.  (more…)

CEC Approves $8M for Energy-Efficient Technologies

As shared in the California Energy Commission (CEC)’s release: The California Energy Commission approved six grants July 13th focused on energy efficiency with $8 million awarded for technologies and measures designed to achieve zero net (more…)

From RMI: Home Energy Performance Is Key to Avoiding the Next Mortgage Crisis

As shared by the Rocky Mountain Institute: Every day, thousands of Americans make the biggest purchase they’ll make in a lifetime—their home—without knowing the true cost. In spite of stringent post-recession safeguards intended to protect homeowners and hold lenders to a higher level of accountability, there’s more we can do. (more…)

Looking for Funding? More than $177 Million is Available for State and Local Government Activities on Coastal Resiliency, Health Impacts of Climate Change, HUD Choice Neighborhoods, and More

Shared in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)’s State and Local Climate and Energy Newsletter below, more than $177 million in funding and technical assistance is available for state, local, and tribal governments from (more…)

Case Studies: Bringing the Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to Low-Income Communities

EPA’s State and Local Climate and Energy Program is developing a series of case studies and program profiles to help officials in state and local energy, environmental, housing, and social services agencies, non-profits, and utilities understand promising practices and (more…)