City of Hayward wins Environmental Award, Funds Energy Efficiency with Renewables

Announced on Friday, the City of Hayward has won the Acterra 2016 Business Environmental Award for its green power initiative at the City’s water pollution control facility. While the award focuses on the impressive amount of renewable energy generated at the facility, the way that Hayward is leveraging that renewable energy to fund other sustainability…

Colorado’s Wastewater Treatment Plant Methane Reuse Saves Energy and Dollars

For an interesting story from outside California, take a look at NPR’s coverage of Grand Junction, Colorado’s reuse of its waste methane. Grand Junction’s wastewater treatment plant has installed machinery to refine the waste methane to be chemically identical to natural gas, and will be saving $100,000s per year from the effort.

City of San Diego Honored for Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Electric Vehicles, and Renewables

This City of San Diego press release contains a great list of programming that the City has implemented in pursuit of its energy efficiency and sustainability goals – programming that has saved the City energy, money, and led to the City being honored at SDG&E’s recent Energy Showcase Event. Activities undertaken by the City include: Installation…