Video: Oakland and Richmond on Bringing the Message of COP21 Home to California Communities

Hear from the Cities of Oakland and Richmond on their experience visiting Paris during the COP21 Climate Conference in December 2015, specific examples on their leadership on energy and climate in their communities, and advice for local governments looking to (more…)

Video: Beacon Program Award Winner San Carlos Shares its Energy and Sustainability Best Practices

In the below video, Beacon Program Award-Winning City of San Carlos shares its strategy and best practices that have allowed the City to save energy and greenhouse gas emissions in its municipal operations, and in the community. For more information on the SEEC Collaborative’s Beacon Program, visit the Institute for Local Government’s website.

Case Studies: Bringing the Benefits of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to Low-Income Communities

EPA’s State and Local Climate and Energy Program is developing a series of case studies and program profiles to help officials in state and local energy, environmental, housing, and social services agencies, non-profits, and utilities understand promising practices and (more…)

ACEEE Shows Energy Efficiency Leads: Bill Gates Interview Follow Up, and Clean Power Plan Solutions

ACEEE released some interesting stories this week. The first is a response to Bill Gates’s interview in The Atlantic, in which he again shares that we need innovation, not just insulation. While new technology developments are absolutely critical, ACEEE points out that energy efficiency has provided foundational benefits on its own, and will continue to…

ZNE Case Studies Available at New Buildings Institute: Features include San Francisco’s Exploratorium, San Diego offices, San Leandro ZNE Training Center

Looking to learn more about zero net energy (ZNE) best practices? The New Buildings Institute has released a number of case studies describing zero net energy retrofits and development from across the continent. California buildings are prominently featured, and include: San Francisco’s Exploratorium, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) building, offices on San Diego’s…

Efficiency and Resiliency Case Study: Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe

Learn in this case study how Northern California’s Blue Lake Rancheria Tribe is leading on climate change mitigation, energy efficiency and renewables, and community resiliency – including their work to: conduct strategic climate action planning activities; build an energy-efficient hotel; install an innovative biomass-gasification-fuel cell system that turns biomass into electricity; install solar on…

Case Study: Camarillo Municipal Savings Success Story

Outlined in its Energy Action Plan, the City of Camarillo has established a municipal energy reduction goal of 10% relative to 2008, by 2020. The City recently completed a ten year Energy Performance Contract that resulted in savings of over 15 million (more…)

Deep Energy Retrofits Using Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs): Success Stories Show 58% Average Energy Savings

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI)’s new paper, Deep Energy Retrofits Using Energy Savings Performance Contracts (ESPCs) looks at the model of using long-term performance contracting to avoid upfront capital costs and tie payment to verification of energy and cost savings. The paper covers the following best practices, and then shares case studies of seven federal building…

California’s First Zero Net Energy Library Completes First Year of Operation, Generates More Energy than it Uses

In its first year of operation Berkeley Public Library’s West Branch produced more energy than it used– leading to official certification as the first “net zero” library in the state and only the third municipal building of its kind in the nation. The International (more…)

Case Study: Solar and Energy Efficiency in Oakland

Learn in this case study from SunPower about municipal solar and energy efficiency investments made by the City of Oakland: Oakland recognizes the need to implement sustainable strategies that ensure both the long-term economic health and the environmental quality of its community. By leveraging one of California’s most abundant resources, sunshine, Oakland made the decision…