Bay Area Climate Collaborative (BACC)’s New Paper: Bridge to the Clean Economy

The Bay Area Climate Collaborative (BACC) has released a paper, Bridge to the Clean Economy: Low Carbon, High Impact Market Initiatives for the Bay Area featuring opportunities in distributed energy resources (DERs) generation, electric vehicle deployment, and residential and commercial building upgrades. Click above to review.

Case Study: Pasadena

As a large urban community known for its chic lifestyle, Pasadena is committed to going green through massive energy and water use overhauls, along with encouraging the use of alternative transportation methods like improved bus lines and bike paths. (more…)

From USEPA: Clean Energy Financing Guide

The US EPA has release a Clean Energy Financing Guide intended to help government entities understand and make decisions to support appropriate financing programs for their jurisdiction. The Guide’s objective is to help government entities facilitate financing support in the commercial and residential sectors, with a secondary focus on helping state and local governments finance…