The Latest Global Climate News: Post COP21 Check In, COP22 Plans, and 800 of the Largest Businesses Support a Legally-Binding Carbon Agreement

Earth Day last Friday brought momentous post-COP21 activity, with the signing of the December 2015 Paris Agreement to mitigate climate change and limit global temperature rise by more than 150 countries at the United Nations in New York. Recaps of the event (more…)

EDF and ACEEE: the Latest Best Practices for Programs to Reach Low-Income Communities and Lower the Energy Burden

There’s been lots of news lately highlighting the opportunity (and the need) for pairing energy efficiency investments with low-income and underserved communities. More was (more…)

6/6 Training for Resiliency-Focused Local Government Staff: Engaging Communities in Effective Problem Solving, by Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI)

The Resilient Communities Initiative (RCI) is holding a special training for local governments June 6th, in Oakland, CA: read more below. Climate change is a daunting topic, especially for agencies tasked with (more…)

Santa Barbara County Green Business Program Certifies 15 New Green Businesses

Santa Barbara County celebrated the addition of 15 new green businesses to its Green Business Program at a luncheon event this week. Per their website, Program Director Frances Gilliland shared: ”The Green Business Program continues to work with so many (more…)

CivicSpark Webinar 3/9: Social Media Marketing for Community Sustainability Efforts

CivicSpark is having a webinar on March 9th from 9:30-10:30AM that may be of interest to local governments developing community-focused energy efficiency programs and targeting energy efficiency in the community. The session is on Social Media Marketing specifically targeted at community-scale energy and environment outreach programs. The presentation by Dr. Kat Donnelly will focus on successful…

Sierra Business Council Named “Beacon Program Champion” for Energy Support in Sierra Nevada Region

Excerpted from the Institute for Local Government release: The Institute for Local Government and the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative have designated Sierra Business Council (SBC) a “Beacon Program Champion” for its work in supporting energy and climate action initiatives in the Sierra Nevada region. Sierra Business Council becomes the first organization of its kind to…

New podcast: Infinite Earth Radio

Skeo, in association with the Local Governments Commission (LGC), has launched a new weekly podcast committed to spreading ideas that lift up and revitalize marginalized neighborhoods and build great 21st century communities. Each week, Infinite Earth Radio features interviews with visionary civic leaders who are transforming the future so that you can hear about the…

U.S. DOE Issues Notice of Intent: Establishment of an Inter-Tribal Technical Assistance Energy Providers Network

The U.S. Department of Energy has issued a Notice of Intent to create a funding opportunity (through a Funding Opportunity Announcement, or “FOA”) for “Establishment of an Inter-Tribal Technical Assistance Energy Providers Network”. To quote from the federal website: “The Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Indian Energy Policy and Programs (Office of Indian Energy) intends…

Sharing Best Practices: ZNE Best Practices Connect Lancaster and Hermosa Beach

The City of Hermosa Beach and the City of Lancaster met over Earth Day to review best practices in going carbon neutral. The City of Lancaster is aiming for carbon neutrality by (more…)