The BEE Software Collaborative: An Open Source, Rule-Based Architecture for Building Energy Efficiency

This 2012 paper, presented at the ACEEE Summer Buildings Study, provides a useful overview of the CEC’s responsibility to establish building energy modeling standards under the Warren-Alquist Act, and its activities to develop, test, document, and support open source building energy modeling software and other building energy analysis tools used for Standards development, Standards compliance…

Case Study Available: Chula Vista’s Sustainable Communities Program

A new case study is available on Chula Vista’s Sustainable Communities Program. Visit the Best Practices > Case Studies tab to view, or click here. The case study reviews Chula Vista’s work to: Implement reach codes beyond the Title 24 standards; Expedite plan review for projects exceeding code; Develop of a energy code compliance tool…

Fact Sheet: Chula Vista’s Sustainable Communities Program: Reach Codes, Permitting, Planning Tools, and More

The Sustainable Communities Program (SCP) is one of the main components of the Chula Vista Local Government Partnership (LGP) with SDG&E. The SCP was launched in 2009 (more…)