From Greentech Media: Energy-Efficient Homes Are Worth More. So Let’s Create an Easy Metric for Buyers

We’ve seen a lot of recent studies on how energy efficient homes are worth more; but, communicating this value has been a challenge, making the market slow to respond and leaving dollars and energy efficiency opportunities on the table in our communities. (This (more…)

Nest partners with SolarCity on new ‘Time of Savings’ energy service

As reported by Smart Grid News, “A new service from home management product provider Nest Labs, Inc., will help customers automatically use less energy when the prices are highest. “The Nest Thermostat can find the price of energy for customers on Time of Use (TOU) (more…)

City of Temecula Reaches SCE Energy Leadership Partnership Gold Status, Initiates Energy Projects Supporting New Energy Fund

In March, Temecula was the first city to achieve a Gold Level status under the Southern California Edison (SCE)-Western Riverside Energy Leadership Partnership by completing 13 energy efficiency projects in FY 2012-13, while increasing total kWh savings to 813,037, (more…)