Boston Energy Data Optimization

Boston implemented a programmatic overhaul to how energy data was collected, analyzed, and reported to improve the city’s energy management process. The program results have been immensely successful thus far, providing customized real-time energy meter dashboards to public building engineers, enhancing transparency and accountability through Boston’s open data portal, and recovering over $1.2 million in…

Energy use disaggregation is coming. Here are 3 ways utilities can make the most of it

“By harnessing the data from nearly ubiquitous smart meters in California and partnering with data science companies, these utilities will actually be able to disaggregate their customers’ electricity consumption down to the level of individual appliances. Doing so could enable utilities to help their customers understand previously inscrutable electric bills and to suggest concrete ways…

The Inconvenient Truth About City Climate Goals: ‘There’s No Data. We’re Not Looking at Results’

The Energy Gang brings in Sam Brooks, the former director of the District of Columbia’s sustainability division to discuss the data issue for cities that want take the lead on climate change. Sam highlights the importance of energy efficiency and local governments ability to make change happen. He is also critical of some of the…

Calif. Utilities Say Data Bill Poses Security Risk

SB 356 requires the CPUC to make capacity, distribution infrastructure and pricing data available to the public in a machine-readable format on the Internet by Jan. 1, 2019. The data would include energy data submitted to the agency as part of utilities’ integrated resource plans, descriptions of grid needs or deficiencies, and electricity pricing data.…

From Greentech Media: Energy-Efficient Homes Are Worth More. So Let’s Create an Easy Metric for Buyers

We’ve seen a lot of recent studies on how energy efficient homes are worth more; but, communicating this value has been a challenge, making the market slow to respond and leaving dollars and energy efficiency opportunities on the table in our communities. (This (more…)

From ILG: California Cities Shine in $5 Million Energy Prize Competition

In recent history, highly visible prize competitions have spurred innovative approaches to some of the most difficult challenges facing mankind. Despite the many innovative efficiency measures now in place throughout the country, the United States wastes more (more…)

Updated State and Local Energy Data Website from USDOE

The U.S. DOE recently updated the State and Local Energy Data (SLED) website. The update allows users to search by zip code to get an energy profile for their respective city, including climate and emissions data, electricity and natural gas usage and/or expenditures by sector, vehicle fuel use, renewable energy economic potential, and more.