Through the Local Government Lens: Developing the Energy Efficiency Workforce

Local governments across the United States are increasingly enacting policies and offering programs to drive energy savings, but the success of these activities is inextricably linked to a strong, capable energy efficiency workforce. To ensure that trained workers are available to capitalize on efficiency investments, local governments can set workforce development goals, coordinate training programs,…

Chilled Water System Optimization Project

“The chilled water system optimization project increased the efficiency of General Motor’s Spring Hill site and reduced operating costs as a byproduct of that efficiency. GM intends to incorporate the lessons learned at Spring Hill whenever possible in future project installations and modernizations.” Click here to read more from DOE

LEEP campaign concludes with strong validation that high energy efficiency parking lighting is ready for prime time

“Since 2012, the Lighting Energy Efficiency in Parking (LEEP) Campaign has supported participants in their efforts to upgrade and install energy-efficiency equipment and lighting controls in over 540 million square feet of parking facilities, which has led to a savings of 137 million kWh annually –the equivalent of $14.79 million in electricity savings and deferring the energy…

Wells Fargo commits funding to UC Davis Energy Efficiency Center

UC Davis’ Energy Efficiency Center announced early Wednesday that Wells Fargo has renewed its support with a commitment of $500,000 over the next four years. “The EEC is working hard to find innovative, sustainable solutions to key energy and environmental issues of the 21st century and beyond,” said Barry Neal, co-head of Wells Fargo’s Renewable…

PG&E Tool Lending Library

PG&E provides a library of tools that can be borrowed without purchase. The library includes data loggers, infrared cameras, and much more testing equipment for building energy efficiency. Click here to find the tool lending library Click here to read the policy for tool lending