U.S. DOE Better Buildings Alliance Winter 2016 Progress Update

The U.S. Department of Energy has released the annual Better Buildings Alliance Winter 2016 Progress Update, full of resources for local governments and building professionals alike. Prominently featured are plug load management strategies, demand controlled ventilation (DCV) and use tips for Energy Management Systems (EMS). Plug load in particular is getting a lot of attention…

SDG&E 2016 Energy Education & Training Catalog (Jan-Mar) Available – Plus, Lending Library

A catalog of trainings offered by SDG&E throughout the first quarter of this year is available on SDG&E’s website, here.  Trainings are offered in the following categories: Lighting Technologies Energy Management Strategies Building Envelope, Standards & Software HVAC Systems & Technologies Commercial & Industrial Technologies Food Service Renewables & Sustainability Home Performance Homeowner Workshops Trade…

City of San Marcos Employs City Energy Roadmap for Rate Switch and Retrofits, Saving $168,000/Year

The City of San Marcos is putting its Energy Roadmap completed through the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) to good use: through a utility rate switch, implementation of lighting and HVAC improvements at its City Hall and other buildings, as well as an Energy Management System that has enabled greater building comfort and energy…

Case Study: Camarillo Municipal Savings Success Story

Outlined in its Energy Action Plan, the City of Camarillo has established a municipal energy reduction goal of 10% relative to 2008, by 2020. The City recently completed a ten year Energy Performance Contract that resulted in savings of over 15 million (more…)

5 Critical Factors to Reduce the Energy Intensity of Operations

Good article that focuses on factors to improve the efficiency of producing products.  This is a very important consideration as California develops plans to improve the efficiency of existing buildings.  To read the full article, go here:  http://www.energymanagertoday.com/5-critical-factors-to-reduce-the-energy-intensity-of-operations-0110858/