How California Green has and has not worked

“California is now the greenest nation state in the world. But, 10 years down that road, we’ve encountered some unforeseen environmental impacts, twists and turns. hen new homes cost more to build, older energy-guzzling, deferred-maintenance fixer-uppers gain market value apace. The poor can’t afford housing and new underwater homeowners can’t afford to invest in energy…

Marin County tightens ‘green’ building rules

“The moves create new energy efficiency requirements beyond state code for new single family, multifamily and commercial projects. The standards also mandate new green building and electric vehicle charging requirements for such projects. The new standards are a way for the county to implement its 2015 Climate Action Plan, which also sets greenhouse gas reduction…

Energy Efficiency Demonstrates Its Dollar Value in San Francisco Commercial Real Estate

As covered by BizJournal’s July 28th article, funding green upgrades is made easier as the market shows the value of and desire for energy efficient real estate: Earlier this year, Atlanta-based Jamestown Properties sold the 145,400-square-foot 799 Market St. in San Francisco, turning a nice 48 percent return from the $96 million it paid in…

Build It Green Presentation of Updates to GreenPoint Rated Program Available – Public Input Accepted Until 7/31

Amy Dryden of Build It Green, spoke on July 14, about updates the GreenPoint Rated 7.0. Public input will be accepted through July 31, 2016. This presentation is available from Build It Green below. Submit comments and review code changes here: (more…)

Anaheim National Association of Realtors Green Designation Event June 29th-30th

A two-day training event for National Association of Realtor (NAR) Green Designation will be held in Anaheim June 29th-30th, connecting realtors with the value proposition of green homes and how to sell to home buyers increasingly interested in high home (more…)

NYTimes Coverage and Slideshow: Zero Net Energy Test Homes in Fontana, Homeowner Feedback, and Plans for Expansion

The development of zero net energy (ZNE) homes in Fontana announced last April got press as the focus of this June 3rd New York Times article:  A Suburban Experiment Aims for Free Energy. Visit the New York Times for the full story – (more…)

Benchmarking in the news: San Francisco, Los Angeles, and WRCOG

Click here for coverage by the Press Enterprise discussing San Francisco’s energy savings findings from its recent benchmarking report, the City of Los Angeles’s work toward an energy and water efficiency ordinance, and more.