Updated energy saver guide covers new technologies

“The Energy Save Guide includes tried-and-true tips on how to get a home energy audit, weatherize your home, heat and cool more efficiently, and reduce your electricity use. The latest edition also provides information about how to use smart thermostats, connect with your utility to monitor your energy use, and use smart appliances—things we definitely…

New Electric Vehicle Research Cites Plug-In EV Expansion, Importance of Smart Grid Technologies

New studies from Navigant project that light duty plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) will make up half of the global EV market by 2024 – and that pairing deployment with smart grid technologies is critical. Get more coverage of these reports, and EV news from other states from Utility Dive. The need for planning for electric…

CEC Approves $8M for Energy-Efficient Technologies

As shared in the California Energy Commission (CEC)’s release: The California Energy Commission approved six grants July 13th focused on energy efficiency with $8 million awarded for technologies and measures designed to achieve zero net (more…)

Webinar 7/14: Smart Green Cities: Case studies in resilient and sustainable energy technologies

New emerging technologies related to the “Internet of Things” digitalization and distributed energy resources are quickly changing the energy landscape for cities. Smart city technologies and concepts are defined broadly around the use of digital technologies (more…)