A Deep Look at Sacramento’s Groundbreaking Use of Distributed Energy and Customer Data

Greentech Media dives into SMUD’s effort to integrated DER with the help of Smart Electric Power Alliance (SEPA) and engineering firm Black & Veatch. From the report: “SMUD has incorporated all three elements of SEPA’s protocol for dealing with DERs — evaluating them as grid assets, integrating customer insights, and reconfiguring the utility’s standard operating practices…

Too Much of a Good Thing? An Illustrated Guide to Solar Curtailment on California’s Grid

Greentech Media provides and in-depth review of California ISO’s curtailment of renewable resources. As mentioned in this previous post, spring shoulder months lead to an abundance of solar production with less demand due to the temperate weather conditions. The ‘over-supply’ of renewable energy can lead to reliability issues so the ISO must curtail these intermittent…

New Electric Vehicle Research Cites Plug-In EV Expansion, Importance of Smart Grid Technologies

New studies from Navigant project that light duty plug-in electric vehicles (EVs) will make up half of the global EV market by 2024 – and that pairing deployment with smart grid technologies is critical. Get more coverage of these reports, and EV news from other states from Utility Dive. The need for planning for electric…

New Federal Agency Resources: Climate Change Fact Sheets, Funding for Air Sensor Best Practices, Tribal Clean Energy

See below for coverage of new resources and funding opportunities from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)’s September State and Local Climate and Energy Program newsletter. To subscribe to the newsletter directly visit USEPA’s page here. (more…)

Lessons from the Sierra Club’s 4-Year Old Zero Net Energy Geothermal Building

We heard from several local governments at the SEEC Forum about the importance of not just design, but performance, in zero net energy buildings. (Learn from Berkeley, Santa Monica, SMUD, and San Diego County here). A geothermal zero net energy commercial (more…)