Inyo County’s New Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Fund

In 2013, Inyo County partnered with Southern California Edison (SCE) to research opportunities for seed money and to develop policies to set up an energy efficiency revolving loan fund (EERLF) to serve as a dedicated source of funding for energy-saving (more…)

City of Hayward wins Environmental Award, Funds Energy Efficiency with Renewables

Announced on Friday, the City of Hayward has won the Acterra 2016 Business Environmental Award for its green power initiative at the City’s water pollution control facility. While the award focuses on the impressive amount of renewable energy generated at the facility, the way that Hayward is leveraging that renewable energy to fund other sustainability…

WRCOG, SANBAG and County of LA Win 2016 Climate Leadership Award

Congratulations to the Western Riverside Council of Governments, San Bernardino Associated Governments, and the County of Los Angeles, for receiving the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s 2016 Climate Leadership Award! For more information on their accomplishments and best practices using the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO) Program, click here.

Long Beach Adopts Innovation & Efficiency Initiatives Fund

The City of Long Beach has adopted their Innovation & Efficiency Initiatives Fund in their FY16 budget. The City had proposed implementing an Innovation & Efficiency Initiatives Fund in 2015 as a revolving fund to allow its Departments to finance projects that create future energy (more…)

UCLA creates nation’s largest self-replenishing fund for green projects

The below coverage from University of California news provides a great example of the value (and win-win) of developing an energy efficiency fund: UCLA has already invested $20 million in energy-efficient building retrofits during the past five years. It is the 46th institution in the nation to join the Billion Dollar Green Challenge, which encourages…

“Clean Energy Finance Guide” from Pasadena provides community with resources for EE and renewables

A new guide produced by the Center for Sustainable Energy for Pasadena Water and Power helps customers navigate funding and financing options for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. The guide focuses on existing 2014 resources, but provides weblinks on each topic for updates.

Fact Sheet: City of San Jose’s Energy Fund

A fact sheet is available on San Jose’s Energy Fund, which has provided the City with resources to staff an Energy Officer – check out the Best Practices tab to read in full. San José implemented an Energy Fund in 2005 to provide ongoing support for energy efficiency and renewable energy projects at municipal facilities.…

City of Temecula Reaches SCE Energy Leadership Partnership Gold Status, Initiates Energy Projects Supporting New Energy Fund

In March, Temecula was the first city to achieve a Gold Level status under the Southern California Edison (SCE)-Western Riverside Energy Leadership Partnership by completing 13 energy efficiency projects in FY 2012-13, while increasing total kWh savings to 813,037, (more…)

Presentation: Riverside County’s Energy Conservation Fund

Click here to review Riverside County’s SEEC presentation on the impetus for, structure, and value of its Energy Conservation Fund. For more on revolving funds, click here for additional posts, or here for a list of local governments using revolving loan funds to further local government energy efficiency and sustainability projects.

SoCal REN’s Amended Program Implementation Plan for 2013-2014

The Southern California Regional Energy Network (SoCalREN)’s Amended Implementation Plan for 2013-2014 is available here. The Plan describes the planned work and value-add of SoCalREN, which is designed to supplement and complement the work done by the Investor-Owned Utilities’ Local Government Partnerships. This work is to be offered in three main areas: Expansion of Energy…