CPUC Conference Call for Clarification on Baselines White Paper May 2nd

CORRECTED PAPER AND UPDATED COMMENTS DEADLINES RELEASED BY THE CPUC 4/28: Please see here. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has shared to R.13-11-005/rolling portfolio stakeholders that Commission Staff will hold a conference call to answer (more…)

CPUC White Paper on Energy Efficiency Baselines for EE Programming, AB 802 Implementation: Comments Due May 10th

CORRECTED PAPER AND UPDATED COMMENTS DEADLINES RELEASED BY THE CPUC 4/28: Please see here. Yesterday afternoon, the CPUC’s Energy Division released its staff proposal on Energy Efficiency Baselines, following the commitments made in October’s rolling portfolio CPUC (more…)

SDG&E High Opportunity Projects and Program (HOPPs) Proposals Stakeholder Meeting Follow Up: Submit All Comments by 4/13

San Diego Gas & Electric Company held a stakeholder meeting on April 12, 2016, to review and discuss its High Opportunity Projects and Program proposals.  Stakeholders are (more…)

Get Direct Information on Utility/PA 5-Year Program Planning from the EE Coordinating Committee

Along with launching a new website, the Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee (EE CC, authorized by CPUC Decision 15-10-028) has made it easier to stay informed on Committee and Subcommittee activities and plans: a Constant Contact list. Click here to sign up and stay informed on these very fast-paced and unique opportunities for stakeholder feedback. As…

3/16 Public Sector Sub-Committee Meeting Recap, Highlights, Resources

Yesterday’s meeting of the Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee’s Public Sector Sub-Committee reviewed the analysis of the Program Administrators that will feed the five-year business plans of energy efficiency program offerings and strategies due from Administrators to the CPUC September 1st. Presentations of public sector needs and potential, challenges and opportunities were made by SDG&E, SCE,…

Energy Efficiency Coordinating Committee Website Now Live!

The EE Coordinating Committee‘s website is now live: visit www.caeecc.org for the latest information on how to analysis and progress to date on Program Administrators’ developments of multi-year business plans for energy efficiency programming and funds – and how you can get involved. For information on the public sector sub-committee’s upcoming meeting on March 16th, click here.

Public Sector Sub-Committee 3/16 Meeting Basics: What It Is, Why It’s Happening and Why It’s a Significant Opportunity for Local Government Feedback on Utility/PA Offerings

The 5-second answer to the above: The March 16th meeting is a unique opportunity to hear and give feedback on the public sector market/needs analysis conducted by energy efficiency Program Administrators, which will be used to develop their business plans for their energy efficiency programming for the next five years. The meeting is a new opportunity…

Date and Location Confirmed: EE Coordinating Committee Public Sector Plan Meeting

The Energy Efficiency “Coordinating Committee” authorized by CPUC Decision 15-10-028 will be hosting a public sector business plan meeting on March 16th from 9am-5pm at 851 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA (courtesy of PG&E). The meeting will also be available by WebEx. This meeting will be an unprecedented opportunity for interested parties to review the plans that Investor…