SEEC Website Launched Today!

Today, a new and improved website is launched for the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative! The new site will continue to be your portal to the myriad of resources produced or collected by SEEC partners with a streamlined interface to keep you better informed of relevant news, events, and new resources.

City of South Gate Reduces Energy Use, Applies Best Practices, and wins Beacon Award

The City of South Gate is first city in Southern California to win the Beacon Award, presented through Institute for Local Government and Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC). As shared by the Institute in its press release, “It is an honor to be the first Southern (more…)

Cap and Trade Guidance from the Institute for Local Government (ILG)

This publication from the Institute for Local Government, Cap and Trade: Investing in California’s Communities, provides a helpful overview of cap and trade funding to date across the transportation, energy efficiency, and natural resources sectors. Project eligibility for the 2014-15 funding cycle and eligible project examples are shared. For more on cap and trade funding, click…

2015 SEEC Forum Plenary Presentation

Below is a recording of the 6th Annual SEEC Forum’s final plenary session. Hear from California Building Industry Association (CBIA)’s Bob Raymer how Title 24’s new code requirements (coming 2017) like high performing attics (more…)

Presentation: Marin Sustainability Tracker, Marin Climate and Energy Partnership

In case you missed it at the 2015 Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC) Forum, a presentation of the Marin Sustainability Tracker, shared by Marin Clean Energy Partnership’s Christine O’Rourke, is available on the Local Government Commission (LGC)’s website. For more on the Tracker, click here.

Energy Upgrade California Overview: Opportunities for Supporting Municipal and Community Programming

New to Energy Upgrade California (EUC)? Watch the below video to see how local governments can get involved to help promote the program and connect their residents and businesses to financial and technical resources – and also for opportunities to influence and provide feedback on Energy Upgrade California.  

Case Study: Fresno Energy Watch Power Loan Program

In 2013, the Fresno Energy Watch identified a trend of small and medium-sized businesses receiving energy assessments through the PG&E Direct Install Program; businesses that were recommended upgrades with a co-pay valued at less than $5,000 often did not convert into installs due to lack of attractive financing options for the co-pay. In response, the…