Presentation: Riverside County’s Energy Conservation Fund

Click here to review Riverside County’s SEEC presentation on the impetus for, structure, and value of its Energy Conservation Fund. For more on revolving funds, click here for additional posts, or here for a list of local governments using revolving loan funds to further local government energy efficiency and sustainability projects.

Climate and Energy Trainings Available On-Line

ICLEI has developed a new series of short, online trainings that California local governments can watch instantly. They provide training on the Climate Action Planning Assistant tool and the Forecasting Assistant tool; how to follow the Community Protocol; how to set targets, measure progress, and more. California local governments can select from 24 no-cost trainings…

Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Forum

The Fourth Annual Statewide Energy Efficiency Best Practices Forum will be held June 19-20, 2013 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, in Sacramento, CA. The day-long forum on June 20 will feature updates from key state agencies and several topics including energy savings programs, financing, climate action tools, and best practices for reducing energy use and…

LA County ISD and Municipal Building Retro-commissioning

Learn more about the Los Angeles County Internal Services Department’s ongoing successes with retro-commissioning: including costs, savings, and best practices. LA County RCx measures include:   • Testing and calibrating of existing controls • Improved Chiller Sequencing • Chilled Water Reset • Installed customized Purge Cycles • Optimized Economizer Controls • Optimized Scheduled Start/Stop of…

3rd Annual SEEC Forum Session: Energy Upgrade California

Hear from the City of San Diego, the County of Sonoma, and (a public agency operating for Alameda County) on how to leverage Energy Upgrade California, integrate it into your existing programming, and communicate opportunities to your community.  

Fact Sheet: Chula Vista’s Sustainable Communities Program: Reach Codes, Permitting, Planning Tools, and More

The Sustainable Communities Program (SCP) is one of the main components of the Chula Vista Local Government Partnership (LGP) with SDG&E. The SCP was launched in 2009 (more…)

From SEEC’s ILG: Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Part of California’s Environmental Review Process: A Local Official’s Guide

The Institute for Local Government (ILG) has developed a CEQA Greenhouse Gas Guide for elected officials, Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Emissions as Part of California’s Environmental Review Process: A Local Official’s Guide, that includes a brief discussion about climate action plans and the CEQA guidelines.