A solar salamander

“The Spotted Salamander lives in symbiotic relationship with algae. They were found in embryos of the animal. The salamander’s embryos are found in clear colored eggs, laid by the females on the underwater plants, close to the surface, so that the light can reach them.It seems like green algae help embryos get much-needed energy for…

Social sunbathing in the mint-sauce worm

“Self-organizing social behaviour in the so-called plant-animal, a ‘solar-powered’ species of marine flat worm that gains all its energy from the algae within its own body, has been demonstrated by researchers from the University of Bristol.” Click here to read more from University of Bristol.

Oriental hornets powered by ‘solar energy’

“The large wasp species has a special structure in its abdomen that traps the sun’s rays, and a special pigment that harvests the energy they contain. The discovery helps explain why these hornets have a large yellow stripe across their body and why they become more active as the day gets hotter.” Click here to…