California utilities, solar developers advocate dialogue on new solar mandate

“Utilities are welcoming a historic rooftop solar building code in California, but urging caution with its implementation in order to protect non-solar customers. At the same time, utilities and solar developers are calling for a dialogue among stakeholders to effectively integrate additional rooftop solar into the grid.” Click here to read more from Utility Dive.

Of course California should require solar panels on new homes

“The benefits of solar power are well established. Photovoltaics harness the sun to create electricity, reducing the need for dirtier forms of energy. And residents generate their own power, cutting their utility bills. These requirements — assuming they’re ratified as expected by the California Building Standards Commission — will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 7,000…

Why California rooftop solar requirement is not the right move for green energy

“The residential solar mandate for new homes approved by the state Energy Commission will make reaching California’s climate goals possibly more difficult and definitely more expensive. Such requirements are the most extreme tool for energy and environmental regulators, going beyond tax incentives, education programs and renewable standards for utilities. These mandates eliminate consumer choice and…