California fires spark CAISO transmission emergency

CAISO on Thursday extended an electric transmission emergency in Ventura County because of raging wildfires in Southern California that have forced the evacuation of almost 200,000 people and threaten about 15,000 structures. The wildfires have been fanned by the seasonal Santa Ana winds originating inland and gusting into populated areas of Southern California. The state’s Department…

Utility of the Year: Southern California Edison

Currently in the midst of a controversial rate case, the utility seeks to spend $2.1 billion to invest in modernizing the grid and preparing for the influx of distributed energy resources. The plan includes upgrading the grid to handle the two-way power flows of rooftop solar systems and other distributed resources. It would also invest…

WRCOG Regional Streetlight Program

The Western Riverside Council of Governments created the Regional Streetlight Program to provide their member cities with energy efficient streetlighting options. WRCOG also created a demonstration area in the City of Hemet so residents can have input in the type of lighting that they want in their own communities. Click here to learn more about…

From ILG: California Cities Shine in $5 Million Energy Prize Competition

In recent history, highly visible prize competitions have spurred innovative approaches to some of the most difficult challenges facing mankind. Despite the many innovative efficiency measures now in place throughout the country, the United States wastes more (more…)

Webinar 7/14: Smart Green Cities: Case studies in resilient and sustainable energy technologies

New emerging technologies related to the “Internet of Things” digitalization and distributed energy resources are quickly changing the energy landscape for cities. Smart city technologies and concepts are defined broadly around the use of digital technologies (more…)

Press Release: Californians Are Saving 10 Billion Kilowatt-Hours Through the HERO Program

Excerpting from the HERO Program’s June 29th press release, “Renovate America today announced that California home energy savings from the  HERO Program hit 10 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh), an important milestone that is roughly equivalent to (more…)

Anaheim National Association of Realtors Green Designation Event June 29th-30th

A two-day training event for National Association of Realtor (NAR) Green Designation will be held in Anaheim June 29th-30th, connecting realtors with the value proposition of green homes and how to sell to home buyers increasingly interested in high home (more…)