NGVs still have role to play in California energy policy

“California is increasingly focused on zero-emissions transportation technologies such as electric vehicles and hydrogen fuel cells, but natural gas vehicles (NGV) are still in play with state and utility programs, particularly for the heavy-duty fleet sectors that carry goods and passengers.” Click here to read more from Natural Gas Intel.

Container freight port again leads environmental drive to zero emissions

“The Zero and Near Zero-Emission Freight Facilities project, proposed with support from Toyota, Kenworth, and Shell, some details of which we illustrated in a previous story, aims to provide a large-scale ‘shore to store’ plan and a hydrogen fuel-cell-electric technology framework for freight facilities to structure operations for future goods movement.” Click here to read…

Electric buses coming to Sacramento

“Changes are now starting as the Yolo County Transportation District looks to partner with the City of Sacramento, City of Davis, City of West Sacramento, University of California, Davis and the Sacramento Regional Transit District to provide zero-emission buses funded by the Volkswagen diesel scandal. As part of its punishment for the air pollution scandal,…