Renewable Water Heating Promises Even Bigger Savings for CA

Pierre Delforge, from the Natural Resources Defense Council, discusses the benefits that solar water heating can provide to California homes and offices. In the development of the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards NRDC proposes a “menu of options…designed to give builders and new home buyers flexibility while guaranteeing energy, carbon, and bill savings.” NRDC proposes a…

New Date for CPUC ZNE Action Plan Workshops

ZNE Residential Action Plan How does the Action Plan connect with the 2018-2025 Program Administrator Business Plans? Where should the CPUC focus? Where should the stakeholders focus? June 5, 2017|9:00 am -12:00 pm REGISTER: Commercial ZNE Action Plan update How do the 2018-2025 Program Administrator Business Plans inform the goals to update the Commercial ZNE Action…

BayREN Forum: Household Electrification as a Pathway to On-Site ZNE

The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) hosted their first quarter regional forum on March 30th. The theme of the forum focused on household electrification to achieve zero net energy in buildings. The forum began with a presentation on ZNE goals for the 2019 Building Energy Efficiency Standards from Chris Meyer of the California Energy Commission (CEC).…

Santa Barbara County Passes New Energy Efficiency Policy for Municipally Owned and Leased Facilities

Congratulations to Santa Barbara County, who has just passed a new “County of Santa Barbara Energy Efficiency Standards Policy for County Owned and Leased Facilities.” This comprehensive policy was passed by the Board of Supervisors on August 30th, and includes requirements for staff energy training, reporting of (more…)

Lessons from the Sierra Club’s 4-Year Old Zero Net Energy Geothermal Building

We heard from several local governments at the SEEC Forum about the importance of not just design, but performance, in zero net energy buildings. (Learn from Berkeley, Santa Monica, SMUD, and San Diego County here). A geothermal zero net energy commercial (more…)

From New Buildings Institute: California hits 100 ZNE verified and emerging buildings milestone

The California Public Utilities Commission, California Energy Commission, and the New Buildings Institute (NBI) announced earlier this month California continues the march toward its zero net energy (ZNE) goals, with 108 new and renovated commercial (more…)

From Zero Energy Project: Energy Efficient Codes Make Financial Sense

The following description and links are an excerpt from the Zero Energy Project’s recent newsletter. For more on the Zero Energy Project, click here. “Average homeowners are the biggest beneficiaries of more energy efficient building codes, says Daniel Bressett of the Alliance to Save Energy. Homeowners consistently state their preference for energy efficiency features, a point…

CEC Approves $8M for Energy-Efficient Technologies

As shared in the California Energy Commission (CEC)’s release: The California Energy Commission approved six grants July 13th focused on energy efficiency with $8 million awarded for technologies and measures designed to achieve zero net (more…)