Tesla and Uber weigh in on policies to boost EV adoption


“Last week, policy experts gathered at the University of California, Davis for a conference focused on what researchers at the Institute of Transportation Studies (ITS-Davis) call the “three revolutions” — shared, automated and electric vehicles. Uber’s lead on sustainability and environmental impact, said the results of an early Uber EV pilot in London showed positive results. When 60 EVs were dropped into a ride-sharing network for just four months, they contributed 40,000 rides.

The bad news, he said, is the economics for Uber drivers. “Drivers face a huge headwind in switching to EVs — even when the total cost of ownership is less than other good alternatives like a Prius.” He added, “That is because…the demands on their time in terms of looking for charging [stations], accessing charging, and spending time charging take away from fare-earning opportunities. That headwind is one we all need to address, and we know we can’t address on our own.””

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