The Latest from BayREN’s Pay as You Save (PAYS) On-Bill Water Efficiency Program


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Water customers in Windsor and Hayward can use Windsor Efficiency PAYS® and Green Hayward PAYS® to install water upgrades with no up-front cost and immediate utility bill savings. This summer, multifamily properties served by East Bay Municipal Utility District are being invited to participate in the EBMUD WaterSmart On-Bill Program to pursue the same water upgrade opportunities. BayREN is pleased to continue its partnerships with these water utilities as California seeks new and innovative ways to help residents and businesses use less water and save money on their utility bills.

Windsor, Hayward, and EBMUD are a proving ground for the on-bill efficiency model, and are paving the way for larger programs that will allow water utility customers across the Bay Area and the State to achieve significant water savings through property improvements such as the conversion of lawn to drought tolerant landscape and the installation of high efficiency toilets. This spring, State Senator Mike McGuire, who represents Windsor, introduced Senate Bill 1233, the Water Bill Savings Act, to make it easier for California water utilities to offer on-bill upgrades to their customers.

SB 1233 passed the State Senate in May, with support from a broad coalition of parties including the Association of Bay Area Governments, the Town of Windsor, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors, the Sonoma County Water Agency, the Sonoma County Climate Protection Agency, Stop Waste, the Center for Climate Protection, the California Apartment Association, the California Association of Realtors, the California Building Industry Association, the California Business Properties Association, the California Chamber of Commerce, the Mayor’s Councilmembers Association, the School Project for Utility Rate Reduction, and the Sierra Club California. The California Assembly is now considering the bill, and BayREN and bill supporters are excited about its potential to provide customers a new way to save water and make sure there is enough for all Californians now and in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about BayREN‘s on-bill utility programs or the Water Bill Savings Act, please contact the BayREN PAYS program lead at

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