The SEEC Learning Portal for GHG Inventories

The SEEC Learning Portal is Live!

We are happy to announce the launch of the SEEC Learning Portal, a web-based platform to help facilitate your community’s greenhouse gas inventory, climate action planning, and energy efficiency work (register here). The Learning Portal offers a new way to access SEEC training resources in an organized, facilitated structure, and is divided into two main sections:

The Guided Learning section offers a fun, interactive way to learn greenhouse gas inventories, forecasting, planning, monitoring and reporting at the beginner and intermediate levels. You can track your progress with the ability to test your knowledge through assignments and quizzes. Earn badges each step of the way to indicate your proficiency in all areas of emissions management.

The Resource Library is organized by topic area, from energy and emissions management to equity, adaptation, green building, and public health. Each category includes the latest reports, case studies, and best practice guides relevant to energy and climate work in California, as well as training slides and videos created by ICLEI USA to guide your emissions management activities.

To get started, view a tutorial video of the SEEC Learning Portal and then register online at the page.

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