Top 10 utility regulation trends of 2017


“Not surprisingly, the challenges PUCs are grappling with are wide-ranging and diverse: utility business model reforms, distribution system planning, grid modernization, rate design changes, large investments in renewables, transportation electrification, energy storage, wholesale market changes, and data access, to name a few. Here is a roundup of the top 10 matters before PUCs in 2017.”

  1. Rewarding Utilities for Performance Against Policy Objectives
  2. Reconsidering How Utilities Undertake Distribution System Planning
  3. Investments to Enable a Dynamic and Flexible Grid
  4. Successors to Retail Net Energy Metering
  5. Electric Vehicle Integration
  6. Investment in Renewables Goes Big
  7. New Opportunities for Energy Storage
  8. Rate Design for a DER Future
  9. Wholesale Market Issues and Changes
  10. Unlocking Access to Customer and System Data

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