Torrance City Council Approves Energy Efficiency Climate Action Plan Chapter


Earlier this autumn the City of Torrance approved the adoption of its Energy Efficiency chapter for a Climate Action Plan (EECAP). The EECAP was developed through South Bay Cities Council of Governments through its local government partnership with Southern California Edison.

Development and adoption of this EECAP allows the City of Torrance (City) to:

  • Understand its municipal and community energy use and GHG emissions now and in the future;
  • Identify strategies at the local level that will result in longterm energy efficiency;
  • Develop a plan to implement strategies; and
  • Monitor and report progress toward energy-efficiency goals.

Further, this EECAP serves as a foundation for developing a comprehensive Climate Action Plan (CAP), which would expand the strategies for reducing GHG emissions to all sectors of the City’s economy, including transportation and solid waste.

To review the EECAP, click here. For more on climate action plans, click here.

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